Discover Lifestyle Lift with Dr. Weiler

Dr. Weiler has been performing Lifestyle Lift, a minimal facelift performed under local anesthesia, for over 2½ years. Even though the Lifestyle Lift company is no-longer in existence, Dr. Weiler continues to perform the procedure on patients requesting it.

Because the procedure, which is done by making incisions hidden behind the earlobes to minimally lift facial skin, is done under a local anesthesia and not general anesthesia, procedure and recovery time is extremely fast. Usually, Dr. Weiler can perform the procedure under an hour, and it usually take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to recover from swelling.

In conjunction with the Lifestyle Lift, Dr. Weiler can also performs procedures such as a blepharoplasty to open up your eyes, laser skin resurfacing to even skin texture and tone, and a neck lift or neck lipo to remove access skin and fat under the chin, all to help enhance the patient’s youthful appearance.

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