Chemical Peel 101

One of our Weiler Plastic Surgery Aestheticians, Angela, is here to give us the details on chemical peels. Click the video to learn more about what chemical peels are and how they can help your skin.

Hey everybody, I’m here with Angela. And we’re talking about chemical peels from top to bottom. Hey, Angela. Hi. I know you’re an expert. This is one of the procedures that you actually do. So, first let’s talk about the actual procedure. A chemical peel, what’s happening? So a chemical peel is superficial resurfacing of your skin on your face.  Who’s the ideal candidate for this? Anybody can get a chemical peel. Some people are better candidates than others, maybe because they’re not a candidate for certain lasers. Okay, so what’s happening with the chemical peel? We hear those two words, chemical and peel. And that could, you know, be maybe fearful for some patients. Sure. So let’s help, you know, reduce some of that fear by telling us about it. So a chemical peel, that top layer, the superficial is gonna slough off, flake off and that’s what’s gonna transform your skin. A lot of people get scared, because they think their face is peeling off. Really, day one to three, it’ll feel tight, red, start having that flaky feeling. Between day seven and 10, you’ll have that sloughing and then it will transition to dry skin. And that’s when we recommend you come in between seven and 10 days to get your post-procedure Dermaplane. So after that Dermaplane, we’re at day 14. Where are we?  And then what’s the end result where you can look in the mirror? So afterwards you’ll have nice, smooth skin. It’s gonna help with fine lines. It’s gonna help with pore size. If you’re someone that suffers with melasma, this is a great treatment for you. And then is it one and done? You know, you wear your sunscreen and you are good? Or, is this something that probably provides some maintenance every year? It’s gonna depend on the peel that you get. Certain peels we could do in a series of say, three to equal one larger peel. So it’s just gonna depend on the patient, their concerns, what their goals are, and really what the downtime is that they want to have. Some peels, you’ll have more flaking than others. How many peels are there? I know there are lots at Weiler. Oh, so we have several different ones. Some of them are more traditional. You think, oh, I’m gonna have this thick peel on my face. Some of them you won’t leave the office with a thick type of layer on your face. So it really just depends on what option you select and what your goals are. Is there one that’s most popular, or do you see people really, you know, choose this? I wouldn’t say there’s one necessarily more popular than the other, but I would say in general, chemical peels are popular. Fantastic. Thanks Angela. We appreciate it. Call the office for more information or for a consultation with Angela.

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