Are You Ready to Define Your Jawline?

A new dermal filler has hit the market and Expert Injector, Amy is here to tell us all the details of Juvederm Volux. Click the video below to find out how Juvederm Volux targets the Jawline and can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Hey, Amy, welcome. It’s so nice to see you. Hey, Elizabeth, how are you? Always good to talk with you. Good to see you. Okay, it’s not every day, you and I both know this, that the FDA approves a new dermal filler. And this one’s unique because it targets a very prominent facial feature. What’s the name of the product and where does it help? Okay, so a brand new product on the market is Juvederm Jolux. Volux. It is the first dermal filler of its kind that specifically targets the jawline. The jawline. Does it work like other fillers where it is injected through a syringe? Talk to me a little bit about the process. Yea, so it’s just like all the other dermal filler products. It comes in a syringe. You topically numb. Injections take about 15, 20 minutes, and then you’re on your way. Any downtime? Not a whole lot of downtime. A little bit of bruising possibly, a little bit of swelling possibly. But nothing, we’re not talking surgery downtime. Very quick, can come in on a lunch break even and get it done. And you’ll immediately see results? Immediately. And then how long can we expect those results to last? So studies actually showed that 94% of patients were still satisfied with treatment at 12 months, which is incredible. What about treating the whole face? I know, just because I’ve worked with y’all, that if you’re interested in the Volux for your jawline, you really gotta look at the whole picture. Tell us a little bit about that. Yeah, so as we age, our face just kind of deflates, right? It kind of falls, everything kind of sags down, especially in this jowling area here. So you really wanna re-volumize both the cheeks and chin, with Juvederm Voluma, in combination with VOlux in the jawline to give you that harmonious balance in the face. So it’s important to come in for a consultation? Absolutely. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing the insight. Yeah. And, of course. Volux is available right now at Weiler Plastic Surgery. Yes ma’am, it sure is. Thanks, Amy. Yeah.

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