Aesthetic Trends of 2023

Dr. Jonathan Weiler is here to fill us in on what is trending in 2023. Click the video below to learn what three aesthetic trends are on the rise and if you are a candidate for them.

There are trends in fashion, hair, makeup, and home decor, and they also exist in plastic surgery. If you’re curious about what the new year holds, stick around, Dr. Weiler’s gonna fill us in. All right, there are three aesthetic trends that you are looking at this year. Yes. Tell me about number one. I call it a mommy or modified BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift, as the giant, you know, rear ends, right? That’s what it’s been. But what we’re doing these days is as ladies age, they lose the volume in the rear, and nobody wants a saggy rear. So we’re taking that fat, and we’re not putting a lot, we’re just putting a little bit into the rear. We’re filling it, plumping it up, making it look perky again. Nice and perky, we love that. Yes, we do. Okay, all right, give me two. Ellacor, brand new device. Hottest device on the market. All right, what is it? It’s a series of three little hollow core needles, we’re punching out thousands of tiny little holes. Those add up to a nice postage stamp of skin. And with the removal, you are tightening it? Correct, ‘cause we’re moving skin, so it’s pulling that skin tighter. Downtime, three to five days. Quick recovery series of two treatments, awesome results. And finally, three. Number three is hormone replacement, right? So we’re looking better, we wanna feel better. Yeah. So hormone replacement is coming into the mainstream. Also, a semaglutide, big hot word. Okay. It’s assisting with weight loss. It’s balancing your insulin levels, and people are losing weight. You got us all excited. Yes, yes. All right, thanks, Dr. Weiler, we always appreciate it.

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