7 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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Your plastic surgery consultation is a critical step in your journey toward a new you. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn what to expect and to ask the questions that matter most. Below are 7 key questions to ask during a plastic surgery consultation and why you should ask them:

1. What Are Your Qualifications?

Why You Should Ask: You want to entrust your body and health to a professional with the proper education and training. Choosing a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that they meet rigorous standards for training, expertise, and patient safety. Our surgeons’ extensive experience and recognized credentials ensure you are in safe and skilled hands.

2. How Many Times Have You Performed This Procedure?

Why You Should Ask: Experience breeds excellence. By knowing how often the surgeon has performed your specific procedure, you can feel confident about their expertise. It’s one of the critical questions to ask your plastic surgeon to gauge their proficiency with the surgery you seek.

3. May I See Before-and-After Photos of Your Past Patients?

Why You Should Ask: Before-and-after photos provide a visual testimony of a surgeon’s artistry and skill. They also offer a realistic view of what you might expect from your procedure, fostering an open and honest consultation.

To view before-and-after photos of Weiler Plastic Surgery patients across a wide range of breast, body, and face procedures, please browse our gallery.

4. What Are the Potential Risks and Complications of This Surgery?

Why You Should Ask: Understanding the risks helps you make an informed decision. The surgeons at Weiler Plastic Surgery are committed to educating our patients on all aspects of the surgery to make sure they are fully aware of potential risks and the steps we take to minimize them.

5. What Type of Anesthesia Will be Used? Who Will Administer it?

Why You Should Ask: Your comfort and safety are paramount. Being informed about anesthesia protocols allows you to make sure they align with your preferences and health requirements. Weiler Plastic Surgery works closely with its qualified anesthesia team for a safe and seamless experience.

6. How Much Will It Cost, Including Expenses Outside Your Surgical Fee?

Why You Should Ask: Transparent conversations about costs are important. At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we believe in providing a detailed breakdown of all charges, clarity regarding financing, and available payment options. This allows you to plan your investment in your well-being with no unpleasant financial surprises.

7. How Long Will the Results Last?

Why You Should Ask: Your transformation should stand the test of time. Your surgeon should discuss the longevity of the results and any maintenance that may be required, setting accurate expectations and helping you enjoy your newfound confidence for years to come.

Your consultation is more than a meeting; it’s a partnership in realizing your aesthetic goals. By asking the right questions, you lay the foundation for a successful and satisfying experience.

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