5 Reasons EMSCULPT Is Perfect for Busy Moms

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Moms everywhere strive to restore their pre-pregnancy physiques after having children. But between work and family responsibilities, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to exercise at all, let alone enough to sculpt your body the way you want. Now, there’s an easier way: the EMSCULPT body sculpting device offers a groundbreaking option for moms who want to get rid of stubborn fat and build muscle on the abdomen and buttocks. At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we know you don’t need to settle for a body that doesn’t make you feel happy and beautiful — and perhaps more than anyone, moms deserve to shine with confidence and look their best. Here are our five favorite reasons to recommend EMSCULPT for busy moms battling the business of work and childcare.

1. EMSCULPT can build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Most body sculpting devices focus on reducing stubborn fat, giving clients a kick-start on their fitness goals by making it easier to reveal muscle tone after working out. But EMSCULPT takes body contouring one step further: it is the only treatment that also targets tough-to-build muscle, so you’ll get both fat-reducing and muscle-building benefits without needing to hit the gym at all.

The device uses cutting-edge technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to trigger rapid, intense muscle movements called supramaximal contractions. These contractions are faster and stronger than the ones you achieve during a routine workout, so you’ll see real results more quickly than you would with regular exercise. The two-in-one approach makes it ideal for moms who want to do more than just slim down; if your goal is a stronger, more toned physique but you just don’t have time for separate approaches to burning fat and building muscle, you can accomplish both at once with EMSCULPT.

2. EMSCULPT targets common problem areas for women.

Currently FDA-approved to treat the abdomen and buttocks, EMSCULPT flattens, lifts and tones right where you need it most. You can shrink your post-baby belly with precision and ease, even firming, strengthening and defining your abdominal muscles — all without a single crunch or sit-up. And, if your butt has lost some of its shape and volume between a sedentary job and chauffeuring the kids around, EMSCULPT can be used to target the gluteus muscles for rounder, firmer buttocks — no squats necessary.

These areas are notoriously tough to sculpt and shape with typical workouts. Not only is it difficult to predict where your body will shed fat or build muscle, but it can take months and years of traditional exercises to get your body closer to where you want it. EMSCULPT eliminates the guesswork by treating the abdomen and buttocks directly, restoring your body just where you want it for optimal results.

3. Treatment sessions are quick and convenient.

Each session of EMSCULPT takes just 30 minutes, making it even easier to squeeze into your busy schedule than a yoga class or trip to the gym. Plus, clinical studies show that just one session of EMSCULPT can equal 10,000 crunches or 2,000 squats, so you can rest assured that your 30 minutes of EMSCULPT will be incredibly worthwhile.

You’ll be able to treat one area at a time, focusing on either the abdomen or buttocks. Studies have shown that you’ll achieve your best results with four treatments per area. That means with a total of eight 30-minute sessions (that’s just four hours of your time, scheduled at your convenience), you can achieve visibly more sculpted abs and lifted buttocks. Some clients choose to schedule regular maintenance treatments every few months — these, too, last just 30 minutes and can fit into your day at whatever time is best for you.

4. There’s no surgery or recovery time involved.

EMSCULPT is completely non-invasive. The device has handheld paddles that are placed over your abdomen or buttocks during each treatment session. These rest gently on your skin — there isn’t even any suction, pinching or pulling involved, let alone anesthesia, incisions or sutures. With minimally invasive body sculpting options like liposuction, and even in the case of some other non-invasive options, clients may find that they need a few days of rest or that there are uncomfortable side effects like swelling or bruising. EMSCULPT clients report none of these inconveniences. You may feel some soreness like you would after a workout, but it won’t interfere with your daily activities. You’ll be able to walk out of your treatment and resume your day right where you left off — a must for moms who always have something to do and somewhere to be.

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5. EMSCULPT restores your natural body.

Body sculpting surgery like a mommy makeover, a tummy tuck or a butt lift is a big commitment — on the one hand, the surgical approach is incredibly effective because it takes care of concerns in a very efficient way; but on the other hand, it makes permanent changes to the body to achieve its purpose. For the right candidate, non-invasive alternatives like EMSCULPT can deliver outstanding results without the sense of permanence and finality. EMSCULPT works with your body’s natural shape and functions, enhancing the body you already have rather than altering it. It is a gentle and repeatable treatment, so if you become pregnant again or your weight fluctuates you can simply elect to have more EMSCULPT sessions to get your body back once more. After EMSCULPT, you can feel totally confident that the body you have and love is 100% yours; as an EMSCULPT provider, it’s our job at Weiler Plastic Surgery to help you reveal the best in yourself.

We’re excited to announce that EMSCULPT is now available to Weiler Plastic Surgery clients at our central Baton Rouge location. If you are ready to learn more about EMSCULPT and to find out if it’s the right body sculpting treatment for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Jonathan Weiler today. Our helpful staff in Baton Rouge is available to make your appointment — contact us online or call us at (225) 399-0001.

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