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If you’re looking for both volume and wrinkle smoothing products, than Radiesse may be the perfect choice for you. This dermal filler is an injectable that can help to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines in the face and hands. In addition to reducing wrinkles, Radiesse also encourages the skin to make it’s own collagen for continued smoothness and volume.

This product is a unique compound that not only smooths, but lifts as well. The formula encourages the body to produce it’s own collagen, even after the gel has been metabolized by the body. When administered by a medical professional, Radiesse can provide results and stimulate natural collagen production for over a year. In addition, the injection is painless and simple so that you have no downtime, yet are provided with prompt results.

Radiesse has been on the market of over 10 years and is one of the only dermal fillers of its kind. It provides natural, long-lasting results in order to help meet your cosmetic needs. Let Weiler Plastic Surgery be your go-to provider for Radiesse. Schedule a consultation with us today to make sure that this product is a good choice for you.

Dr. Weiler

Dual Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jonathan Weiler

Extensively trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body, Dr. Weiler takes pride in bringing state-of-the-art techniques to his home state of Louisiana. His genuinely caring personality enables patients to connect and share their concerns with him for truly personalized results.

With a rare combination of exceptional credentials and a down-to-earth, caring personality, Dr. Weiler transforms aesthetic visions into reality. He offers procedures for the face, breasts, and body, including specialized techniques that minimize pain and recovery time.