CoolSculpting® Elite with Trish Thibodeaux, Body Contouring Specialist

Trisha, our Body Contouring Specialist, tells us all about CoolSculpting® Elite, the newest movement that’s happening right now!

The movement that’s happening right now in the US is real. More and more people are focusing on getting really fit. But sometimes there are those stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas on your body, whether it’s your stomach, your thighs, your arms, that are resistant to diet and exercise. Trisha is here to tell us about a viable option. Hey Trisha. Hi, Elizabeth. Why CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is tried and true. It is the only FDA cleared device on the market

that will set you up for permanent fat cell reduction. Non-invasive. Permanently eliminates fat.

Are you serious? Very serious, yes. Okay, tell us what it does. I know it targets a lot of areas, so talk us through the areas and what it’s doing. Okay, so we can target nine different areas with CoolSculpting, nine FDA cleared areas. So we’ll start with submental. Then we have back of the arms, we have the abdomen, back fat, bra fat, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and also above the kneecap. And that little area right below the buttocks called the banana roll. How are we getting rid of the fat? Talk us through the procedure. What’s happening? Okay, so CoolSculpting works

with a process called cryolipolysis, and what that means is. Very scientific word. It is, it’s a big one. So what that means is it’s going to actually freeze your fatty cells down to negative 11 degrees and it’s gonna cause cell death. They’re gonna freeze, crystallize, and then they pop apart, and then your bloodstream picks ’em up, and then you’re just gonna naturally eliminate them. Talk to us a little bit about what you feel, how long you’re in there. What can someone expect? Your body’s gonna go numb once you hit that five to seven minute mark. The process is anywhere from 35 minutes to a few hours, depending on how many areas we’re treating in one sitting. So it is permanent fat cell reduction that you will receive from CoolSculpting. You can expect to receive up to a 25% reduction in fat cells. 25%? Yeah, after each session. After each session? Yeah, so that’s why we want you to come in and start with two, and then sometimes we’ll go in with a third session and do some touch up for you. But we do carry two different types of fats in our body. We have visceral fat, which grows around the organs behind the abdominal wall. You target that through diet and exercise or something like Semaglutide, which is really popular on the market right now. And then what we target with CoolSculpting is subcutaneous fatty tissue, just that stubborn tissue right behind the skin and above the abdominal wall.

So you brought up a good point. Obviously Semaglutide is a hot thing. It seems like everybody is taking advantage of it, and good for them. Do you see Semaglutide paired with CoolSculpting

as sort of like a dynamic duo for patients? Absolutely. I think Semaglutide and CoolSculpting combined together is such beautiful work. It just brings that midsection in so nicely and so tight,

and I can speak to it from myself. I have actually tried Semaglutide and combined it with CoolSculpting as well, and it has led me to a 65 pound weight loss. 65 pounds, you look fantastic. Thank you. How do you feel? I feel great. I feel the best that I’ve felt in a long time

in my own skin. And is it something that you just work into your regimen? This is just part of your health, your, you know? Yeah, absolutely. So we’re targeting that visceral fat around the organs, and then we’re targeting that stubborn subcutaneous fat with CoolSculpting as well. So they just go hand in hand together. So what if a patient’s interested? What do you recommend doing next? If anyone is interested in CoolSculpting, I would like to invite them in for a complimentary consultation to meet with me, and then we’ll pinpoint the areas of concern. We’ll come up with a custom plan and pricing, and then we’ll go ahead and get started and work on changing your life. Easy breezy to change your life. Thanks, Trisha. Thank you.

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