Aesthetic Trends with Sean Witt, Medical Aesthetician

Let’s hear from Sean Witt, one of our Medical Aestheticians here at Weiler Plastic Surgery to see what is new in the world of aesthetics!

Hey, everybody. I’m here with Sean from the Baton Rouge office to share more about the latest trends in aesthetics. Hey, Sean. – Hey. Okay, so what’s going on? What’s the new stuff we need to hear about? I think what we’re seeing in the aesthetics field right now is how people are benefiting from combination treatments. Combos? Absolutely. This is something new that we’re doing in our practice, and one of my favorite combination is the combination of the Aerolase laser with chemical peels. Okay. This treats a variety of conditions, treats pigmentation issues, is beautiful with acne treatments as well, as well as texture. So it really is great. We do the laser first to kind of heat and warm up the skin, and then we follow it with a chemical peel. So within seven days after that chemical peel, you’re seeing that fresh new skin. So a beautiful combination treatment for various conditions. That’s great, all right. What else? We’re really excited about a new laser we have. Okay, tell us more. It’s called Ultra. Ultra. And it can actually follow any other laser. Okay. We’ve done it with IPL. With IPL, it’s great because you’re not only getting that lift of pigmentation, but you’re also getting that skin resurfacing. Wow. Another favorite combo is Genius. Genius is microneedling with radio frequency. Okay. So there, you’re getting that skin lifting and tightening, but also when you add Ultra to it, then you’re getting non-ablative, laser skin resurfacing as well. A little bit rougher of a recovery, but man, are the results incredible. So that a patient doesn’t get overwhelmed, so many options on the table,

how do you sort it out and figure out what’s the best combo for who? I think just coming in,

taking advantage of one of our free consultations. We take a look at their skin, tell them what’s going on, and we just go from there. It’s not always having to do with combo treatments. We can certainly start slower for those people who are newer to aesthetics. But you’re saying the trends, combos- The trend is definitely combo treatments. To have that tip top, excellent, premium skin glow, whatever it is. Absolutely. That’s great, thanks for sharing, Sean. We appreciate it.

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