Meet Dr. Womac

Dr. Womac

Meet Dr. Daniel Womac, a highly skilled and compassionate double-board-certified plastic surgeon from New Orleans. With a passion for the art of plastic surgery, Dr. Womac’s exceptional surgical talents and warm bedside manner put his patients at ease, delivering exceptional, natural-looking results for both women and men seeking transformative procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and facelifts.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Board of Plastic Surgery Inc.

“At the heart of every aesthetic journey lies a profound understanding that choosing cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal and life-changing decision. As a plastic surgeon, I embrace the responsibility of guiding my patients through this transformative experience with unwavering support and expertise. From the initial consultation to the final result, my goal is to instill confidence in my patients before, during, and after the procedure. Armed with surgical mastery and a strong doctor-patient relationship, the right surgeon can make all the difference in ensuring a successful and fulfilling transformation.”

– Dr. Womac

Education & Training 

Educated at Loyola University with cum laude honors, Dr. Womac’s academic excellence granted him early acceptance to the prestigious Tulane School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree in 2007. Following this, he completed a comprehensive general surgery internship and residency at the esteemed Medical University of South Carolina.

Returning to his hometown of New Orleans in 2013, Dr. Womac pursued a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Louisiana State University. Honing his expertise in microsurgical reconstruction and aesthetics under the direction of the region’s most sought-after pioneers in autologous breast reconstruction makes his skills genuinely exceptional.

Contributions to the Field

As an Assistant Professor of Surgery at LSU since 2016, Dr. Womac shares his enthusiasm for plastic surgery with the next generation of surgeons, emphasizing the significance of personalized care he provides to his patients.

In addition to his academic contributions, he has been dedicated to his private practice, ensuring his patients receive unparalleled personal attention and remarkable surgical outcomes. Dr. Womac prioritizes open, honest communication, precise surgical technique, and a comforting bedside manner to create a positive experience for all his patients.

Areas of Special Clinical Interest

With a keen interest in breast enhancement, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Womac also utilizes his highly-specialized microsurgery training for autologous breast reconstruction.

Meet With Dr. Womac 

If you’re considering cosmetic plastic surgery or nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, you can meet personally with Dr. Womac by requesting a consultation using the online form or by calling our practice at  (225) 399-0001.

Featured Reviews

Doctor Womac became my plastic surgeon in 2014 after breast cancer. I received amazing care and every year since then when I go get my mammogram they tell me what an incredible job he did on my reconstruction. He was friendly professional and always had a smile on his face. He made going through these surgeries so much easier.

40, 5 Kids, Time to Fix the Damage! Breast Lift; Tummy Tuck; Lipo Neck, Abs, Back; Fat Graft Breasts, Hips, Butt - New Orleans I have been planning on having surgery for many years, but it never financially seemed feasible. Recently I was considering going to the Dominican Republic for surgery, but decided against it when I met with Dr. Womac at the LSU Plastic Surgery Resident Clinic. I was scared of being alone in a foreign country if complications arised, and what would I do if there were complications after I was home. Also, 2 of my children are very young (ages 1 and 2) and just thinking about being away from them 2 weeks makes me cry. However, I had a lot of confidence in the surgeon I was going to use in the Dominican Republic (Dr. Goico), and I am praying Dr. Womac can give me similar results I've seen with Dr. Goico's patients. Please!!!! So, my body is such a mess after 5 giant babies. After having the last 2 close to 40 my body really fell apart! I am getting a breast lift with fat grafting for shaping them not making bigger; lipo of upper back, flanks, abdomen, jaw/neck; tummy tuck; and fat grafting to my butt and hips. I am 5'7" 150lbs. and I store my fat in my upper body with thin legs and no butt. I hope the doctor can give me a more feminine figure and I am hoping to wear a bikini without a shirt over it for the first time! Thank you to everyone that has shared their stories and inspired me to finally follow through with my surgery and post my horrible pre-op pics. I have learned so much about what to expect and have been amazed at the results I've seen posted. I am so looking forward to posting mine! I'm getting ready to go to the surgery center. I'll update after. So nervous now! My abdomen really hurts when I move. Didn't realize how much I use them. I haven't noticed the pain from the other sites yet, cause the abs hurt so much. Well, I only got 2 drains out (the breast ones), the lower ones are still putting out 40-45ml. He wants it less than 25 for 2 days. So, I didn't get to see my body without the garment. My breasts are swollen all over, so I'm not sure what they will look like when it's gone and how much fat will stay. I'll post a pic of them soon and my chin/neck area. This looks horrific at the moment! 250ml fat in one breast, 300ml in the other. It actually doesn't hurt, just sore. A lot of swelling! I can definitely see a difference from before and now, even with the swelling. The marks and discoloration is from some bruising that's fading and indentations from chin strap. The incision is really tiny. I didn't think about how much fluid weight I would gain from the lipo...10 pounds!!! I don't know how long this will stay, but I feel so puffy. I'm afraid when I am able to take the compression garment off that I'm going to be disappointed because of all the puffiness. I won't know what's fat and what's fluid! I went for my 2nd post-op visit and was only able to get one of the two drains I have left out. The drainage has turned a dark color and I'm still putting out about 35ml/24hr. The doctor thinks I may have had a hematoma that has broken up and is draining now, because the drainage should have lightened not darkened. I will go next Monday and hopefully get it out then. I was going to try and shower tonight and take some pictures to post, but I found out I am unable to undo the drain at the bulb to pull through my compression garment by myself. Hopefully my husband will help me with it tomorrow night, it's Monday Night Football tonight...lol. I did get a glimpse of my tummy today at my appt. I can't believe how flat it is! I am excited to post some pictures. My butt looks cute, too! I hope the fat survives! So far I am very happy with my results, although I haven't actually seen my whole body naked yet. I finally got that compression garment off and took a shower. It was VERY difficult getting it off and on with that drain! I did notice a little redness on my belly button and put some antibiotic ointment on it and emailed Dr. Womac. I hope it's alright. I finally saw myself totally naked. I'm really happy about my tummy tuck and amazed that my breasts are so perky and uplifted! I feel like they look like teenage boobs, not the mom of five! I thought my butt was a little bigger than it looks in the picture, and there are 2 spots that are in the upper butt/ flank area that I'm not sure if they are swollen or it's just still fat there. I think it makes my butt look squarish, but it was square and even flatter before so I'm not sure how much a doctor can do to correct that. I'm going to try and put some lipofoam in that area after I get my drain out and maybe it will compress it in more. I'm still not able to stand up straight, so maybe when I arch my back like normal it will look better. Overall, I am thrilled!!! I am very happy with Dr. Womac. I think he did a really good job. He listened to what I wanted and made it happen. I can't wait to see my results when everything is healed! I don't have a double chin when I look down at my phone anymore! So happy!!! Yeah!! I got the last drain out today! I also finally got all that fluid weight I gained from surgery off. I was 147 the day before surgery and 159 the day after! Today I'm 148, so I definitely feel better. I asked Dr Womac about the puffy areas on my upper butt/flank area and he told me I could get some of this foam stuff at academy sports and cut pieces to put on areas that I want more compression. It's actually a camp mat that goes under your sleeping bag for extra cushioning and waterproofing. It was by the sleeping bags for $9.99. He had suggested it because it is a lot cheaper than lipofoam and the plastic surgeon that oversees the program, Dr. Massiha, uses it. I also asked him if it was okay if I used a corset to give my waist even more shaping. He said that it was fine to use over my compression garment. I'm looking online to see what's available. Anyone have any suggestions? I haven't started any scar treatment yet, but I'm using paper tape on my breasts to help reinforce the incision and hopefully keep it thin. I haven't changed the original steri-strip tape on my tummy tuck, so you can see that with dried blood on it in my pics. I am still amazed with my transformation! I can't wait until I've healed. I forgot to mention that I found a lump on my inner thigh (about 2-3 inches length), where he did some lipo for fat grafting. I can see an indentation where it is. I emailed my doc, but did anyone have a problem with that? Did it go away? I'm trying to massage it. I'm still loving my results! I went yesterday to get some dissolvable sutures that we're irritating me removed. It feels better already. My abs are still sore, especially at my waist line in front. It is actually better when I move around. Sitting and laying makes it tighten up and ache. I have lost more weight! I hope I'm not shrinking my transferred fat. I wasn't trying to lose anything. I was 147 day before surgery, 157 day after surgery (swollen with fluid), and 141 today. I had ordered a corset to help compress my waist more, but the one I ordered hurts my pelvic bones and doesn't fit properly. It was the 426 short from orchardcloset.com. That style was meant for someone that has curvier hips apparently. Now I'm trying to find one that is more just at the waist. Anyone have any experience with corsets and waist training? Suggestions? I have been paper taping all my incisions since the original steri-strip tape came off. Now I added silicone tape and I put the paper tape over it tautly. I hope everything heals nicely. My incisions around my areola and the the vertical one on breast from the lift look great! The areola ones are virtually invisible and the vertical one looks just slightly wider than a piece of thread. He did a really good job! The under breast ones are still a little puffy and the tummy tuck one is still a little puffy with some gathering that the surgeon said would smooth out. I just can't stop saying how pleased I am with my results. I went to a dinner the other day and wore a stretchy top and skirt! I never would've done that before. I had to wear loose tops to hide my belly and deformed boobs. Then I just looked bigger. I am excited about buying some cute clothes this spring, especially some fitted sundresses! I'll post some pics when the incisions heal a bit more. The under breast and tummy tuck still have scabs on them. I am one month post-op, but I don't think too much has changed since my last pics. I lost a little more weight unintentionally. I'm at 140 now. I think I have gotten so used to trying to lose weight for surgery that I just don't eat much. I was worried that maybe I wasn't getting enough protein for wound healing, so I bought some protein shakes and bars yesterday. I noticed on some tummy tuck reviews at one month they didn't have scabs on their incision and seemed more healed. I know everyone is different, but I was just worried. I think my breast have gotten smaller and they are still bruised, but they still look young and perky so I love them. My butt is still round, too, so I'm thrilled with that. I hope it stays! I think I'm going to order another compression garment, this time in nude with shorter legs. Mine is still tight in the hips, but the waist feels looser. I was thinking the faja salome 0216. I keep reading reviews about how tight it is. Also, I've been using paper tape to reinforce my incision, but I have to change them every time I shower and I think it is causing a little trauma to my skin. I am going to order some steri strips on amazon that I can leave on longer and when showering. Okay, so never take a hot shower with the paper tape on...lol. I thought it would be easier to remove wet. I think it melted into me! The adhesive won't come off. I feel like an idiot!!! I forgot to post neck pictures at one month. It looks so much better than before. There is some tightness in the middle of my neck that I've been trying to massage. I also still wear my chin strap at night and I added a piece of foam cause the elastic was causing my neck to wrinkle. When I look down, there is some wrinkling of my neck skin that you can see in one of the picture. It's only there when I look down, thank goodness. I was worried about the results from the neck/chin lipo, if I would end up with loose skin hanging down. I am 40 and I don't think the elasticity in my skin is very good. I am happy with the result, and it looks much better than the fat accumulation I had around my neck. An update on my tummy tuck... I have regained sensation on my belly. It was numb from my belly button past my incision before. Now I just have numbness on my belly button and on my TT incision. Whew! That was a strange feeling having such a large area numb, I'm so glad it came back. I put some steri strips on my TT incision so I could leave it there longer. Changing the paper tape every time I showered I think was irritating it. I started using the mepitac tape other ladies recommended on my breast incisions, and in a week the ones under the breast have improved a lot. They are definitely less puffy and less obvious. I tried it at 3 weeks post-op, but I hadn't healed enough I guess and it made the incisions gooey. I also bought this alocane scar gel that has the silicone in it and onion extract, just in case the onion extract does actually help. I haven't started that yet. Next week I'm going to take the steri-strips I put on my TT off and start the gel and tape there. The TT incision has taken longer to heal so I didn't want to do anything to it just yet. I'm going to take some pictures to document the changes. Alocane scar gel: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00UASJHNS/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Mepitac tape: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002VE9AL8/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER I stopped using the mepitac tape and the paper tape. I think both were irritating me. I'm just using the alocane scar gel with silicone and onion extract. Hopefully, that helps with the scar. I'm mostly wanting the redness to fade sooner. I tried on a couple swimsuits and happily my TT scar was hidden. I'm grateful he didn't go an inch higher or it would've shown. I think everything looks the same. I've read other people say you still change for 6 months, but I don't notice anything. I would like to cinch my waist in a couple inches just to have more curves, so I think I will attempt a corset again. I tried a month ago and it was too painful. I'm not sure if corsets work, but I will try. I don't think I have much fat left on my waist, so I don't think losing weight will help. I'm measuring 29 at the waist and 38 in the hips. I've never been curvy, so there might be nothing I can do to improve that. Lately I've been thinking more about having a rhinoplasty. I hate to even say anything about it cause I think people will think I'm plastic surgery obsessed. I think of the tummy tuck and breast lift more as reconstructive though...lol. Fixing the damage from having babies. My nose I've just always hated. Every time I see a photo from the side I cringe. Actually it is probably pretty hard to find many photos of me, cause I avoid them. To me, my nose looks like a witch nose. I haven't made any appointments, so it's still up in the air. I'll post some new body pictures soon. Everything has been going really well with my healing. The only thing I have that needs fixing is the under breast scar is a little higher on my right breast. I'm going to see Dr. Womac in the next couple weeks to have him fix it. It should be easy, it's done in the office with local anesthetic.

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery

American Board of Surgery

American College of Surgeons, Associate Fellow Member

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Louisiana Medical Society

Jefferson Parish Medical Society

American College of Surgeons

Louisiana Society of Plastic Surgeons

Awards & Honors

2022 FACS: Fellow, American College of Surgeons

2015 Chief Administrative Resident. Louisiana State University, Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. New Orleans LA.

2015 Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Glancy Award Competition Nominee. Amelia Island, FL.

2014 ASMS Basic Course $500 Scholarship. American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons. New York, New York.

2010 Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Glancy Award Competition Nominee. Palm Beach, FL.

2008 Student Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching, Medical University of South Carolina, Surgical Residency. Charleston, SC.

2002 Tulane School of Medicine Early Acceptance-Loyola University, New Orleans, LA.


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