Whether you’re interested in a facelift or a Mommy Makeover, Weiler Plastic Surgery has the cosmetic procedure or surgery that is right for you.* We focus on helping our clients look their best to match how they feel on the inside. From simple BOTOX injections to remove wrinkles to body sculpting surgeries, you can trust that Weiler Plastic Surgery has the skill and compassion to treat you, and even exceed your expectations.* Take your time and browse a variety of our services and procedures that are offered below, then call our office to schedule your consultation.

When you choose Weiler Plastic Surgery to help you look and feel your best, you’re making the choice to work with a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who believes in providing real, natural looking results. With his commitment to the community and continual work in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Weiler strives to provide the best quality services in the field. His ability to provide a variety of services is part of what makes Weiler Plastic Surgery an optimal option for your plastic surgery needs.

While some surgeons may specialize in one area of the body, Dr. Weiler has a versatile background that allows him to provide services ranging from breast augmentations to facelifts with ease. Both our Baton Rouge and Hammond locations are full-service plastic surgery facilities where you can get the exact procedures that you are looking for. With dedicated and talented staff, you can receive BOTOX injections or laser hair removal if that’s what you desire. With so many services to choose from, you have the option of mixing and matching which services are going to be best for you and get you the results you’re looking for.

Your body is something that should be cared for and you can sculpt it to give your the results* that you’re looking for. If you’ve lost lots of weight, a tummy tuck could be the perfect option for you. If you’re fighting the effects of aging, Kybella can help to non-invasively remove signs of a double chin.

You don’t have to settle for the body you have or the effects of aging; you can take control and find your confidence once again. It’s easy to let the real you shine through when you’ve taken care of the problem areas that constantly bother you. Look and feel like the real you again when you choose any of the services above at Weiler Plastic Surgery.