The Newest Innovation In Microneedling Technology For Skin Rejuvenation

For years, professional microneedling facials have become more and more popular as the go-to source for minimally invasive skin rejuvenation. This is in part due to its effective, visible results, and the minimal downtime associated with it. From wrinkles to stretch marks, to acne, to surgery scars, microneedling has proven effective at reducing virtually all visual effects of aging, as well as improving the texture, smoothness, and firmness of the skin.

Like all technology, the tools used for collagen induction therapy also continue to improve, and with that comes added benefits for patients.  Introducing the new Infini High-Intensity Focused Radiofrequency Microneedling: a more efficient microneedle device that utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology for the fastest and most thorough microneedling experience yet.

Your skin is able to heal and maintain a youthful look due to collagen when you are young. As you age, your body reduces how much collagen it produces, leading to more wrinkles and easier scarring. Stimulating collagen production can help to reduce wrinkles, scars, and acne. This microneedling technique is unique in that the radiofrequency used with the microneedling process encourages your body to make more collagen, helping to visibly improve your skin.

This device is making a huge leap of progress in the field of scar revision. This device’s technology is superior because it targets the problem deep within the skin’s layers with radiofrequency, as opposed to a laser, which significantly reduces skin pigmentation complications. Additionally, radio frequency promotes much more collagen stimulation than what’s achieved with microneedling alone.

This procedure is ideal for individuals who are looking to maintain results from previous facelifts, as well as individuals who have struggled with acne scarring. Microneedling has a wide range of individuals it is able to help. Here at Weiler Plastic Surgery, we work to stay on the cutting edge of cosmetic procedures and Infini RF Microneedling is no exception. With extensive testing, Infini gives providers much more control than ever before without damaging the outer layers of your skin like lasers can. This process is easy and has minimal downtime with superior results. Schedule your consultation with Weiler Plastic Surgery to see if Infini RF Microneedling is the right procedure for your needs, and embrace this state-of-the-art cosmetic technology today!


First off, it’s safe and effective for all skin types. This includes:

  • Every shade of skin – all are candidates
  • Oily or dry skin
  • Skin with large pores and/or pitting
  • Skin with heavy acne or other scarring


With the Infini High-Intensity focused RF Microneedling, providers now have an unprecedented level of depth and energy level customization. What this means for patients is a fully customized penetration depth and RF energy level for each individual patient, maximizing the effectiveness on all patients, especially those with varying skin thicknesses, sun damaged skin, or different levels of pitting/scarring. This also allows for a “multi-layer” approach, affecting all layers of the skin with surgical precision.

Extensive medical testing and studies have been done that prove the effectiveness and discrete nature of treatment with Infini. The Microneedling RF process of Infini makes it a frontrunner in the industry, due to its ability to create new collagen and elastin in the lower layers of the skin, while leaving the superficial epidermis intact.


Using insulated needles enables our physicians to essentially bypass the epidermis, or the visual layer of the skin, and use the focused radiofrequency energy directly to the dermis layer. This makes it possible to reverse wrinkles and scarring with as little effect on the outer layer of skin as possible. This not only reduces the overall pain felt, but also results in recovery and downtime.


The aforementioned bypassing of the epidermis allows for a significantly reduced downtime, with most patients able to wear makeup in as soon as 24 hours.

Are You A Good Candidate For Infini RF Microneedling?

  • Uneven Texture And/Or Enlarged Pores
  • Deep Acne Scars Including: Box Car Scars, Ice Pick Scars & Rolling Scars
  • Aging Or Sagging Looking To Tone And Tighten Skin Without Surgery
  • Deep Set Wrinkles That Show Little Improvement With Laser, Injectables And/or Skincare
  • Patients That Have Had A Facelift And/or Neck Lift That Want To Maintain Their Results

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