Legs come in all shapes and sizes, and they regularly change over time. Whether your legs gain or lose weight, or the skin loosens as you age, your legs won’t be the same as when you were young. But you don’t have to stress about what will happen to your legs when you have a talented cosmetic surgery on your radar. Dr. Weiler is able to provide you with the cosmetic surgery options that you need in order to look and feel your best. Thigh lifts are just one option available to you in order to improve the overall appearance of your legs.

Thigh Lifts are beneficial for patients who have excess inner thigh skin due to weight loss or the natural aging process. When a thigh lift is combined with liposuction, Dr. Weiler is able to remove any additional fat along with excess skin. This procedure changes the appearance of the legs, therefore enhancing comfort and restoring self-confidence.*

Incision Placement

Dr. Weiler’s thigh lift incision is well hidden in the groin area and can easily be covered by swimsuits and clothing. The incision is made along the bikini line and may extend down the inner thigh, depending on the extensiveness of skin and fat. By removing excess fat and skin from the thigh area, Dr. Weiler is able to tighten the skin giving the legs a more slim and smooth appearance.*

Your Surgical Experience

Thigh lifts are performed at Weiler Plastic Surgery under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Patients will need someone to drive them home after the surgery and have someone stay with them for a day or two after surgery. A garment is applied after surgery and should be worn for four to six weeks. All current medications you are currently taking will be reviewed at your preoperative appointment and we will inform you if anything you are taking will need to be stopped prior to surgery.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

  • Skin laxity to thighs due to weight loss or aging
  • Excess fat in the thighs
  • Discomfort due to excess fat or skin

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The Consultation Process

tummy-cta-1Dr. Weiler and his office staff will assist in making your surgical experience as easy and comfortable as possible. You will be able to discuss your areas of concern and goals for a thigh lift surgery. A physical exam will be done to assess your thigh area, skin, and excess fat deposits. You will be given a recommendation for the most effective procedure to meet and exceed your expressed goals, as well as alternative treatments.* At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we’d like for you to take as much time as you need to have all of your questions answered. Your satisfaction, desires, and goals are our primary concern.

What to Expect After Surgery

tummy-cta-2We like to see our patients back in the office one to two days after surgery. At this time dressings are taken off and incisions are assessed. Concerns are addressed and instructions are reviewed for optimal recovery. After this visit you will be allowed to go home and shower with your compression garment on. You should expect some swelling and bruising initially, which will subside over the next couple of weeks. Walking around after your surgery is very important to promote circulation. You will return to the office seven days post surgery and again at two weeks for your follow-up visits.

Post-Op Activity Restrictions

tummy-cta-3Patient’s recovery after Thigh Lift procedures is variable, but most patients are able to return to work within seven to ten days and are back to normal activities within two to three weeks.* Strenuous activity is to be avoided for several weeks following the surgery.