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Why Do Beauty Professionals Call Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) “Liquid Gold?”

As time and science has progressed, we’ve learned more and more about our bodies as a whole. While we still have lots to learn (we still aren’t too sure why we need sleep, why dreams exist, and yawning is just a collection of theories), but one of the most miraculous things we have actually figured out – our own body’s natural healing process.

Without the aid of hundreds of years of research, the way our bodies heal themselves could easily be seen as magic. Underneath the mystique, however, lies an extremely complex, efficient, and honestly impressive system of self repair. Take blood clotting, for example. A process where thousands of impossibly small, autonomous micro parts of our bodies work together to literally stop us from bleeding without any input from us at all. Kind of remarkable when you think about it, right?

Components of Healing

Let’s talk platelets. Specifically, what they are and how they work. Platelet activation is key in hemostasis, healing physical damage our bodies accrue, and is one of the main components of our blood. When it comes to blood clots and coagulation, platelets prevent blood loss through cell adhesion and aggregation. More importantly, platelets are also a natural source of growth factors. Once released, these growth factors stored inside promote the increase of various substances, namely collagen. This spike of collagen is what, upon healing, gives the skin a taut and firm appearance. The end result is accelerated and improved soft tissue healing.

“If platelets carry all of these benefits to skin healing and softening, what would happen if we concentrated them?” someone asked, probably a doctor, likely in Italy. This was the initial conception of platelet-rich plasma, commonly known as PRP. In a sense, we have taken our body’s own ingredients for healing and compounding them to make it an even more efficient process. After a bunch of iterations and uses in medical science (namely in bone repair and dentistry), we ended up with the PRP we use today in plastic surgery and beautification procedures, to include the vampire facial.

How does this help my appearance?

Good question. Microneedling, commonly known as a “Vampire Facial”, is a process where a device that produces many tiny, shallow needles is used to create micro punctures on the face. While this sounds scary at first, the entire goal of this is to create micro-injuries to the facial area, promoting the body to fix them with its natural healing process, which in and of itself also stimulates the secretion of collagen. Combine this process with PRP and its own host of added benefits, and you have an intense healing factor that leaves your face looking younger and feeling softer. Generally, it takes two to three days to fully recover from the swelling of the facial, but results last up to as long as three months.

The best part of the procedure is that you’re using your OWN body to heal yourself, just in compounded elements. No synthetic additions, no added chemicals. One hundred percent natural, efficient healing factors.

How is the plasma created?

  1. Patient’s blood is extracted, placed in centrifuge.
  2. First spin separates platelet poor plasma (ppp) from platelet rich plasma (prp) and red blood cells.
  3. Centrifuge is spun a second time, which separates prp from red blood cells
  4. Platelet activator is added, producing a platelet gel consisting of plasma and platelets.
  5. Result is 3-5x the normal concentration of plasma.
  6. This is applied along side a vampire facial to significantly dial up the healing and collagen that is produced.

For more information on PRP, here’s a great article!



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