What happened to my breasts after my kids?  Are they beyond help?

As a mother of three children, I am right there with you.  During pregnancy, breasts naturally become enlarged from the hormonal influence of estrogen and progesterone.  These hormones help to prepare your body for lactation once the baby is born. In women who choose to breast-feed, the breasts become full and empty with each feeding.  After nursing is complete, the breast glands shrink back to their normal, inactive size. Think of filling up a balloon and then letting the air out. In some lucky women the skin envelope of the breasts snaps back to normal, and the breast shape is similar to what it was pre-pregnancy.  Other women will have excess skin, which may cause a sagging appearance. To large part genetics, age, and a history of weight fluctuation play a role in the amount of excess skin people will have. 

At Weiler Plastic Surgery, every consultation is personalized to the goals of the patient and individualized to her anatomy.  In some patients, addition of volume with an implant will fill out the breast skin to the beautiful shape she had while pregnant.  In others, the excess skin will have to be removed in a mastopexy or breast lift to achieve the best possible results. Some patients will choose to both add volume and remove skin with a combination procedure.  

For optimal results that will last a lifetime, you should wait until you have completed childbearing and nursing has been stopped for at least six months.  In addition, modest volumes will hold up over time as your skin continues to age. Book your consultation today to start the journey back to your pre-baby self. 


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