Skimming and Replacing for a Natural Butt Lift

With every butt lift procedure here at Weiler Plastic Surgery, you are essentially getting an additional procedure. Because a brazilian butt lift (BBL) consist of using the patients own fatty tissue from other areas of the body to lift and contour the buttock area, liposuction is a necessary procedure to obtain that additional fat. This is a major reason why most patients claim this procedure is the most gratifying.

Need some fat trimmed from your abdomen area? A BBL can use the fat from that area, as well as others such as the inner thigh, back fat, and underarms. Additional fatty tissue from almost anywhere on the body can be used to inject into the buttocks. In the patient’s photos posted above, fatty tissue was taken from the upper back and injected into the buttocks to give it that more round appearance.

Typically, there is little no scarring after a BBL and liposuction. Very few patients see scarring at the injection site around the buttocks, while most patients find it hard to spot where the fat was injected after it is completely healed, which can usually take up to two month. With the help of scar creams, scars usually fade pretty quickly after the injection site is healed.