veinDr. Weiler is the Medical Director of The Louisiana Vein Institute, and now offers comprehensive vein care at his Hammond, Baton Rouge, and Gonzales office locations. If you suffer from painful leg veins, night cramps, discoloration of your lower legs, or have chronic lower extremity wounds, insurance may pay for removal of these bothersome veins. For those patients with purely cosmetic concerns, we also offer cosmetic sclerotherapy, intense pulsed light, and laser ablation.*

Pregnancy, sun damage, aging, hormonal changes, and even your medical history can all increase your chances of developing spider or varicose veins. Whatever the cause, conspicuous veins on your legs can affect your confidence, possibly making you hesitant to wear more revealing clothing, such as skirts and shorts. Fortunately, The Louisiana Vein Institute provides a variety of highly effective, clinically proven solutions for problematic veins, including intense pulsed light and percutaneous laser ablation of large veins, Sclerotherapy and micro-phlebectomy of mid-range veins, and laser ablation of smaller veins in all areas.* Through his experience and advanced training, Dr. Weiler can help you to regain control over your appearance and face the world with renewed confidence and vigor.* Who better to provide vein treatment than a board-certified plastic surgeon who is also board-certified in general surgery?

To find out more about the advanced varicose vein treatment options currently offered, call to schedule your appointment today! If you suffer from medical symptoms related to your leg veins, your first visit will be covered by your insurance. If your concerns are purely cosmetic, your consultation is complimentary.

We will perform a thorough evaluation at your first visit, and create a treatment plan that will allow you to reach your goal of pain-free living and vein-free legs!*